Our Guarantee

"If our solution ever fails, you don't pay a dime. Guaranteed."

Tim "TK" Krupa
President and CEO
Atlas Broadband

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As a Virtual Network Operator (VNO), Atlas Broadband is a networking solution designer. VNOs do not build and maintain their own network infrastructures. Rather, VNOs partner with ISPs, backbone networks, and telecommunication companies, to provide customers with unique combinations of circuits and carriers that best meet the customers' needs. Similarly, VNOs select equipment according to the best solution, which can include reconfiguring customer equipment, rather than designing solutions to match the functionality of limited equipment selections.

VNOs provide their customers with the invaluable benefit of being the single point of contact for all issues arising within the VNO solution. Network monitoring, technical support, account maintenance, and billing functions are all typically conducted by the VNO. Should the customer experience a slow connection from Carrier A in one state, a wiring fault from Carrier B's LEC in another state, a billing issue with Carrier C in a third state, or a firewall issue in a branch office location in a fourth state, the customer simply contacts the VNO. A single source gives the customer much, much less to support and maintain in-house.

Atlas Broadband has enjoyed unflagging success as a VNO since 1999, due to expertise and attention to the factors most important to our customers:

  • Partnerships with 21 U.S. business grade backbone networks
        ·40 dedicated support personnel
        ·15,000 field service technicians across the entire U.S.

  • Best-in-class products tailored to the solution

  • Expert connectivity and networking solution designers

  • Expert connectivity and networking support/troubleshooting

  • Unparalleled customer service

  • Results. We walk our talk.